World War II with Captain John S. Grady of the 532nd AAA

Lt. John S. Grady, March, 1944 in Napoli, Italy

Featured Image:  11 – 18 May 1944: Allied 4.2 inch mortars in action at the start of the final offensive on Cassino. Source:

Here is a previously unpublished memoir written by U.S. Army Captain John S. Grady about the activities of his units during WWII in North Africa and Italy.  It is offered for historical purposes.  

Copyright © 2017 by the John S. Grady family
All rights reserved. This memoir or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the John S. Grady family.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction by John S Grady
  2. References, Grady Medals, Pre-war pictures
  3. Grady Draft Card, Misc. Pictures

The 532nd Coast Artillery Battalion, activated 15 July, 1942 at Fort Bliss, Texas:

  1. Ft Bliss, TX to Casablanca, Morocco – 07/15/1942 to 04/10/1943
  2. Casablanca to Naples, Italy – 4/10/1943 to 11/11/1943

532nd AAA, Anti-aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion:

  1. Naples to Liri Valley, Italy – 11/11/1943 to 1/19/1944
  2. Cassino River Crossings – 1/19/1944 to 2/20/1944
  3. Garigliano River to Rome, Italy – 2/20/1944 to 6/10/1944
  4. Rome to Montecatini, Italy – 6/10/1944 to 1/14/1945

Company G, 473rd Infantry, 92nd division:

  1. Infantry Training – 1/14/1945 to 2/15/1945
  2. Cutigliano, Italy – 2/15/1945 to 2/26/1945
  3. Sommacolonia, Italy – 2/26/1945 to 3/26/1945
  4. Porta to Genoa, Italy – 3/26/1945 to 4/28/1945



The Montecassino Abbey before and after the Battle of Cassino.  Source:


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