Can He Do it?


Trump has won.  Now will he really be the savior of our republic and the American way of life that the 59.6 million Americans who voted for him hope for?  Or more precisely, CAN he do it?

Can he really be the greatest jobs president in history?

Can he really bring back millions of jobs from China and Mexico?

Can he really build that wall?

Can he really “fix” our inner cities?

Can he really replace Obamacare with something better AND cheaper?

Can he really fix the VA?

Etc., etc., etc.

Most of us would probably agree that doing any one of these would be an accomplishment sufficient to give any president a great legacy.  Doing them all is all but impossible.

So what can he do that would save our republic from continuing to follow in the footsteps of the Roman Republic?

  • Appointing conservative justices to the SCOTUS would block the left’s increasing disregard for the Constitution.
  • Rebuilding our military not only with weapons, but in restoring its spirit should be fairly easy to accomplish with a GOP Congress.
  • Standing more strongly with our allies against those who threaten Western freedom and way of life would restore respect for the USA in the world.
  • Restoring the supremacy of the Rule of Law through word and deed would increase the confidence of people in our government.
  • Providing exemplary leadership and establishing programs to help restore American traditional culture and values such as self-reliance, hard work, and respect for self, others and our institutions would reduce the people’s opinion that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

These things he can do and they would go a long way toward making America great again because much of our country’s decline is not economic, it is cultural and spiritual.

Let us wish him all the best in his term of office and support him any way we can for the benefit of us all. 

Please post your thoughts.