Trump: Savior or Destroyer?


Just a short post on the eve of the most momentous election since 1860 when Abe Lincoln won the presidency and, as a result, the South withdrew from the United States.

The question in my mind is, will Trump be the savior of the republic or its destroyer?

The answer is in the hands of the people now.  If he wins, it may well be the watershed moment when the USA begins to restore itself, to save itself from decline and eventual downfall.  And, if successful, Trump would be the savior who created this resurgence of American exceptionalism.  He would rank among the greatest of presidents like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan.

If he loses, it will most likely mark the end of meaningful political debate in our country: The left will have won the war, and the right would henceforth be a minority with no hope of ever winning the presidency again.  The shifting U.S. demographics are moving the electorate further and further to the left.  One more liberal administration and a liberal packed SCOTUS would put us irreversibly on the road to socialism and the financial collapse it inevitably leads to.  And this would be Trump’s fault, because, if he had not entered the race, Clinton would probably have been easily defeated by a more mainstream candidate, less disliked candidate, such as Mitt or Jeb Bush, or maybe even Ted Cruz.  Thus, Trump would be the destroyer of the American Republic and that would be his ignominious historical legacy.

So will it be a stronger America with increasing national wealth, individual freedom, and self-reliance?  Or will it be a weaker nation with declining living standards, greater control by government, and increasing dependence on government for our very lives (healthcare) and livelihoods (welfare, entitlements, subsidies, etc.)?  Temporarily dependent that is, until the money runs out and the entitlements and social programs can no longer be afforded.  Then all but the wealthiest will be destitute without the knowledge, means, and resolve to support themselves.

Tomorrow night we will learn if we shall be men or mice.

Please post your thoughts.