How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Donald

Well, actually, I’m not there yet.  Although it looks like he will be the man, it is very hard for me to love such an arrogant and rude person.  And it’s doubly hard to trust someone who is half liberal and half conservative / nationalist.  Which half is going to pick the SCOTUS to replace Scalia, I wonder?  And I worry it will be the wrong half.


I commented to a family member last summer when Trump first became the front runner, “Well if he built the wall and stopped illegal immigration, that would be a big enough achievement to warrant supporting him.”  But I could never really convince myself of that, nor that he would really build a wall.  How can a president do that?  He can’t.  Congress and the states involved would need to agree and appropriate the money, unless of course, Donald actually did get Mexico to pay for it, but I have strong doubts about that ever happening either.

Regardless of my worries, it does look like our next president will be the loose cannon, Trump or the supranational grifter, unindicted mishandler of classified information and violator of the Federal Records Act, Hillary.

I’m warming up to him, a very tiny bit, but love will probably remain off the table.

Let’s just hope the loose cannon doesn’t go off when he is president.


Please post your thoughts.