Trump the Destroyer

The three major deities in Hinduism are Brahma the creator; Vishnu the preserver; and Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.  Donald Trump has not declared himself a god, yet, but if he were to become one, would he be Shiva, the destroyer?

Trump’s success in the GOP primaries is undeniable.  A perfect storm of events and conditions in America and elsewhere in the world have helped him leap to front-runner status.  But there are many questions about Trump’s true political beliefs, allegiance to party, and positions on some very major issues of the day.

Since entering the presidential race he has espoused some very “right-wing” positions such as, building a wall on our southern border and making Mexico pay for it, temporarily blocking Muslim’s from entering the US, placing a high tariff on goods imported from China, and punishing companies that export jobs out of the USA.  But he has also supported universal health care paid for by the government, neutrality on Israel, and the use of eminent domain.  This leaves many people wondering is he really a conservative or a liberal?

In 1988 Trump attended the Republican national convention, but in 2004 he said “in many cases I identify more as a Democrat“.  Until 2008 he gave more money to Democrat candidates, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation.  Hillary and Bill even attended Trump’s wedding to Melania in 2005.  Some have described Donald and Bill Clinton as having a ‘bromance”.  Bill’s phone call to Trump prior to his entering the race raised speculation about a scheme between them regarding the election.

Some observers have gone so far as to suggest Trump is a sham candidate whose intention is to help Hillary win the presidency.  Certainly many of his actions and behavior in the campaign call into question his sincerity in seeking the presidency for himself.  Would a presidential candidate do and say many of the things Trump has in the course of this campaign?  Has he acted presidential in debates and on the campaign trail or has he often been boorish, flippant, and even clownish at times, like someone who didn’t really see himself becoming president might behave?  

His presence in the race has also resulted in a decline in the demeanor of the other candidates, who are now forced to get down in the mud with Trump to get any media attention at all.  Perhaps that is his intention, to make all the GOP candidates look bad to the electorate, including himself, so no matter who gets the GOP nomination, Hillary will win easily.

If that is his goal, then his plan would be to destroy every GOP candidate who might have a chance of beating her, and/or, if he wins the nomination himself, to then throw the election through continued outrageous statements and behavior that would keep his unfavorability rating among voters high enough that Hillary would defeat him in the general election.  

If he does this, he will truly be the destroyer of the GOP presidential primary process in 2016.  And the damage could go far beyond that.  Some have speculated that 8220_1254732688997_1249963029_734143_4827449_nhis candidacy will destroy, or perhaps already has destroyed, the Republican party.  

Before this election cycle began, the GOP was already fractured by the ideological split between conservative and establishment Republicans, and if both wings of the party are blocked by Trump in this election, will they be able to hold the party together?  Or will they be so frustrated that the split between them has prevented consolidation of support around a single candidate in time to defeat Trump (who does not fit into either wing of the GOP) that one wing will break away and start a third party?  It’s a real possibility as conservatives and libertarians are already very unhappy with the dominance of the establishment GOP.

But no matter what damage is done to the Republican party, Trump would win.  His Trump brand would be enhanced by having been a candidate for president, and he would have a very good and grateful friend in the White House to help him in business when needed.  It’s a classic win-win situation; he wins and Hillary wins.  He could also brag, as he loves to do, that it was only because of him that the first woman president was elected.GTY_trump_wedding_clintons_jef_150806_16x9_992

However, the destruction wrought by Trump could be even far greater than that to the election process or the GOP.  If he helps Hillary win or even if he really does try to win himself, but loses due to his high unfavorability rating among American voters, then the country will be harmed even more than it already has in recent administrations, and this time the harm will probably be fatal.  

One small example will suffice to support this: if Hillary or another liberal wins the presidency, they will immediately appoint one SCOTUS justice to replace Antonin Scalia and may appoint up to three more.  That would ensure a liberal slant to the SCOTUS for a generation and mostSupreme_Court_US_2010 certainly mean the end of the 2nd Amendment as we know it; the preservation and perhaps even expansion of government provided health care; the continuation of late-term abortion and federal funding for it, and a continuation of unrestrained government spending and expansion of our national debt.

As a result, eventually, the USA will most certainly face a financial crisis and default under the weight of tens and conceivably hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt.  Then Social Security, Medicare, and all entitlement programs will end because there will be no money to fund them.  Also, our military and homeland defense will weaken seriously due to a lack of funding.

Our ship of state is already headed straight for the rocks of financial collapse and one more liberal administration, especially at this critical time for the SCOTUS, would be enough to ensure we crash.  It may not happen in the next administration, but it will put us so inexorably on that course of destruction that future conservative presidents, congresses, or courts will not be able to stop it in time.

Historians may then look back and say it was Trump the Destroyer who brought about our financial collapse and the demise of our great republic, quote-you-and-i-have-a-rendezvous-with-destiny-we-will-preserve-for-our-children-this-the-last-best-ronald-reagan-286155the greatest country this world has ever seen.  But there is even more at risk than financial collapse.  The enemies of freedom and tolerance are already attacking us, and plotting to destroy our way of life.  If we fail politically and financially, it will be much easier for them to defeat us, and if they do, a new age of darkness will engulf the world.



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